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Contact: metropolitan Enter For Women & Children At 504 837-5400 First-time Homebuyer Training & Financial Fitness Classes - Provides Instruction On Family Budgeting, Home Maintenance, And The Rights, Privileges And Responsibilities Of Home-ownership To Low And Moderate-income Persons.

To apply for either program, contact a participating lender near you. Meet with a lender and get pre-approved for an amount you can afford. Income can come from primary, second, and part-time jobs, as well as overtime, bonuses, and commissions. Low down payment and flexible sources of funds eligible non-traditional credit eligible Lower mortgage insurance options Parents can consign or be co-borrower without occupying your new home Additional income sources can be used to help qualify for the program such as non-borrower household member, non-occupant borrowers such as parent, and rent from accessory unit e.g.,