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All Bases Covered - If You’ve Been Concerned Over Sorting Out Difficult Elements Of The Dual Occupancy Process, Such As Town Planning, Demolition, Subdivision, And Council Approval And Construction, Now You Don’t Need To Worry.

Being aware of these extras will set you on an easier path from the outset.   You can divide your block and create a duplex home, or you can add a new house to your existing backyard. Your quote and site costs will form the basis of your tender documentation and preliminary drawings. This is to ensure that our boutique team of specialists exclusively offer you the very best service throughout your entire Dual Oct journey. All you have to do is walk into your new house and either sell or lease the other property. Whether you want to knock down your old house and build two new ones, put two houses on a vacant block, or add a second building while leaving your existing house in place, Porter Davis can help to make all your home building dreams come true. But not any more. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, never fear – our dedicated Dual Oct specialist team can help you to answer all of these questions and any others you might have. 

Important Factors Of Dual Occupancy Homes In The Uk

With over 64 interior World of Style options, you’ll be able to personalise your home knowing that Home Builder the best interior designers are behind your choices. Well, what we do at Dual Occupancy homes is put all of our 30 years of experience and knowledge to work for you. From New York to the British Virgin Islands, from the Greek Islands to California, there’s a style that will bring your dream vision to life in your beautiful new home. How many bedrooms, bathrooms, living areas, car spaces, and so on do you need?  Have you explored the 64  World of Style  options created by the Porter Davis Interior Design team? We see ourselves as your development partner in helping you achieve the best quality and most profitable project possible. All bases covered - If you’ve been concerned over sorting out difficult elements of the Dual Occupancy process, such as town planning, demolition, subdivision, and council approval and construction, now you don’t need to worry. Will a duplex design side by side or a battle-ax one behind the other be more ideal for you? How much will the two houses lease for, if you decide to do so?